2017 Trust Planning Client

“I would like to thank Aaron Goldberg and his firm for the very thorough and professional service I received. My needs were complex and Aaron and his staff did an excellent job meeting them. I found Aaron to be a pleasure to work with and would recommend him and his firm without reservation.”

Estate Planning Client

“It has been a pleasure to have Aaron guide me through some difficult times and I highly recommend Aaron for his knowledge, experience and compassion for me while completing my estate planning documents.”

Estate Planning and Trust client

“Aaron J. Goldberg, Esq. was recommended by my accountant as reputable in the field of Elder Law & Estate Planning. I had a problem with a trust agreement written many year ago. Aaron worked tirelessly and expeditiously to provide the best solution and a trust amendment. Additional steps he implemented resulted in lower legal costs by preventing the need for a court petition to modify another family trust. We also established a simpler Trust management system with him.

I highly recommend Aaron any legal issues you may have with Elder Law, Estate Planning and Trusts. He is professional, knowledgeable, dependable and friendly. He goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. ”

Probate and Trust Estate client

“The law practice of Aaron J. Goldberg, PLC has been invaluable to our family over many years. It would be impossible to overstate the degree to which Aaron has extended himself above and beyond any normal expectations of a law practice in order to ensure the well-being of our family.

Aaron first assisted us in setting up a trust for the adoption of two children with special needs by my sibling, a single parent. Read More...

Following the sudden death of my sibling, he has held sacred a personal commitment to see to the well-being of these children, now young adults, by serving as drafter and trustee of a testamentary trust. This trust entails myriad extraordinary complications and burdens upon Aaron and his office, including bearing all the responsibilities of coordination and reporting to public assistance agencies, responding to day-to-day needs and demands of the children, re-mortgaging, maintaining, and improving a duplex rental house, meeting Section 8 requirements, car maintenance and repair, providing accounting, budgeting, income management, tax reporting and cash allowance distribution, remedy of mistakes and missteps by the sons and by agencies, and protection and investment of assets. In addition, following the recent unexpected death of one child, Aaron and his office has undertaken executorship of the estate and legal protection of assets for the benefit of the remaining sibling and that sibling’s young family, also on public assistance.

In performing these duties, Aaron has often extended himself and his practice beyond any reasonable sustainability, out of concern for the family and commitment to his trust. Were it not for his unflagging efforts, I have no doubt that I and our family would be in dire straits and overburdened beyond function. As a result of his efforts, despite substantial barriers and misfortunes, both beneficiaries and their dependents have enjoyed safe, productive, and fulfilling lives, and even have given back substantially to the local community through productive work and service to fellow citizens with disabilities.”

Long term care Medicaid client

“I have been very pleased with Aaron Goldberg’s legal support on a very complicated set of Vermont Medicaid issues. He is professional, courteous, and highly knowledgeable about Medicaid requirements. His advice has been critical to me in navigating the program’s complex regulations and application process. I will recommend him to friends and family members.”

Long term care Medicaid client

“If you have an elderly or disabled family member confined to a nursing home or other long-term care facility, and your goal is to make him or her Medicaid-eligible, I strongly recommend that you not take this on without assistance from someone with a thorough knowledge of VT Medicaid law. Read More...

The law firm of Aaron J. Goldberg, PLC located in downtown Burlington, is the only reason I still have my sanity after the process of getting Vermont Medicaid to accept my Dad’s application. Like many elder Vermonters, Dad was easily categorically eligible, being well over 65 and disabled, and income-eligible; however, he possessed assets above and beyond the allowed limit. Attorney Goldberg and his staff reviewed Dad’s assets, and one by one they were converted or expended in a manner which was considered to be within the limits of Medicaid law. Mr. Goldberg and his staff also addressed all questions raised by Vermont Medicaid. With the help of Attorney Goldberg, the questioned items were resolved successfully.

Attempting to plow through the Medicaid application process alone, without knowledge of Medicaid law in Vermont, will create an excessive level of stress and anxiety for any reasonable person. In addition, many of the questions are vague, which raises questions about how to respond. Attorney Goldberg and his staff have extensive experience with Medicaid law and the Medicaid application process. Further, they knew exactly what to say with regard to my father’s application, and how to say it, in a manner that was concise and satisfactory to the staff at Medicaid. My eternal gratitude goes out to Attorney Goldberg and his staff for seeing me through the process to a successful conclusion. I could not have done it without them.”

Estate Planning and Long term care Medicaid client

“A long, slow decline after diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease robbed my mother of many things she enjoyed and would have wanted to do. For example, she would have wanted to manage her finances so that she could leave something for her children and grandchildren.

It’s not easy to lose a parent, no matter how old you yourself may be. Aaron Goldberg and his team knew exactly how to help my mother, through me and my brother and our families, navigate the legal process to ensure her finances were managed well. His attention to detail and extensive knowledge of complex elder care law made a big difference. I’m glad we found him.”

Private Trustee Client

“I highly recommend Attorney Aaron Goldberg as a private trustee where the complexity of family dynamics prevent family members from holding assets directly, and a neutral third-party is needed.

For over 13 years, Attorney Goldberg has served as a private trustee over our family’s trust. He has been able to anticipate the specific needs and concerns of our family members and to address the complicated legal and tax matters in a timely, forthright fashion. He also carries a personal fidelity bond for the benefit of his clients which is a unique benefit that not many other law firms offer.”

CPA Testimonial

“I have referred clients to Aaron J. Goldberg and his firm, Aaron J. Goldberg, PLC, for many years. I have found him to be responsive to the client’s needs. He takes the time to understand their situation and goal. I have found his work to be correct for the client’s situation as well as timely and accurate.”

David H. Angolano, CPA, CGMA
Angolano & Company CPA PC
Certified Public Accountants
Shelburne, VT

Investment Financial Advisor

“Aaron and I have have worked together for over 10 years and have helped many clients.  I am always comfortable having Aaron work with my Long Term Care Insurance and Life Insurance clients to meet their estate planning needs.  Aaron knows the Estate Planning and Long Term Care Medicaid laws, and has a referral network of other needed professionals to assist our mutual clients.  Aaron has built his practice by filling the innumerable needs of  clients.  He does more than writing the documents.  He has employed and has referral relationships with Social Workers, Case Managers, Investment Advisors , CPAs  and does bill payment for his clients to help clients through their difficult transitions.  In summary, Aaron pays attention to the details and is forward thinking.”

Timothy Cope
Investment Financial Advisor
Fleischer Jacobs Group
620 Hinesburg Rd
South Burlington, VT 05407

CPA Testimonial

“As I sat down to write these few words, I realized that I have known Aaron Goldberg for almost thirty years – initially on a professional level and, in more recent years, on a personal level as well as a friend. I remember well when he started as a fledgling attorney in a second floor office in Winooski – meeting with him after hours to help guide and encourage him to build his practice. Read More...

From there, he joined a larger law firm in Burlington and practiced with them for several years. His next step was to open his own law firm and build his professional career to become one of the leading attorneys in Vermont in matters concerning elder care. I have had the honor of helping him with many steps along that path and watching him grow over the years. At times, Aaron has taken on some rather large projects, but he always has the energy and drive to see them through successfully.

Aaron approaches his clients’ needs with that same seemingly boundless energy and drive. Over the years, we have shared numerous clients and I have received much positive feedback as to Aaron’s technical knowledge and creative skills in solving sometimes difficult situations. I have observed that he has a strong motivation to help people, especially those who may not have the sophistication to even know where to start when dealing with problems – especially in the realm of eldercare and legal planning associated with caring for others.

His desire to help others extends far beyond his office doors. For many years, Aaron has been very active in our local community – participating in and sometimes leading various educational, cultural, and religious programs and projects. This quality of character is of particular importance to me as it demonstrates a person’s sense of caring and sharing – all too often lost in our frenetic electronic-oriented society.

I am proud to have known Aaron, to have had the opportunity to work with him on a professional level, and to have witnessed his devotion to clients, community, and family.”

Claude R. Schwesig, CPA
Herrick Ltd. CPAs
Burlington, Vermont


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Attorneys with Aaron J. Goldberg, PLC are members of the Vermont Bar Association and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.